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Commissioning Services Custom proprietary software that utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation.
QUADRANT QA Solutions A cloud-based software platform utilizing a single database for all machine and TPS quality assurance.
Medical Physics Services The latest methodologies to better serve all your needs.
Medical Dosimetry Services Clinical experience you can trust.
About Alyzen
Our Difference The qualities that best describe our team - Integrated, Integrity, and Inventive - also describe how we help the success of your medical facility.
Our Team Meet the people that make the Alyzen team great.

Meet Our Team

Alyzen is proud of our more than 25 years serving the medical industry. By utilizing the latest technologies and providing clear communication at every stage of the project, our team of experts is able to assist any medical facility with their radiation oncology physics.

MARK DEWEESE President/Founder - M.S. DABR
Amanda M Soto-Phipps
Amanda M Soto-Phipps M.S. CMD, RT(R)(T) - Director of Dosimetry
Angie Rohrer
Angie Rohrer M.S. DABR - Medical Physicist
Betsy Abraham Pinguel
Betsy Abraham Pinguel M.S. - Medical Physicist
Bobby Matthews
Bobby Matthews M.S. DABR - Medical Physicist
Daniel M. Cole
Daniel M. Cole B.S. - Director of Marketing and Operations
Daniel Murff
Daniel Murff M.S.- Medical Physicist
Eleanor L. Hardesty
Eleanor L. Hardesty B.S. - Client Services Coordinator
ERIK HARDESTY B.S. - Director of Technology
James L. Glitz
James L. Glitz M.S. DABR - Medical Physicist, Regional Director of Physics
Jeff A Travelstead
Jeff A Travelstead B.S. - Medical Physicist
Jim Royal
Jim Royal M.S. - Medical Physicist
Kevin Grantham
Kevin Grantham Ph.D. DABR - Medical Physicist
KRISTI D. SMITH B.S. CMD, R.T.(R)(T) - Senior Medical Dosimetrist
Lee Culp
Lee Culp M.S. CMD, RT (T) - Medical Dosimetrist
Lee Grogan
Lee Grogan OTD, OTR/L - Regional Account Services Manager
Madison Fletcher-Mason
Madison Fletcher-Mason B.S., CMD - Medical Dosimetrist
McKenzie E. Weatherford
McKenzie E. Weatherford B.S. CMD - Medical Dosimetrist
Michelle Cloutier
Michelle Cloutier M.S. DABR - Medical Physicist
Spencer Davis
Spencer Davis B.S. - Software Engineer
Stephanie L. Simpson
Stephanie L. Simpson M.S. DABR - Medical Physicist, Regional Director of Physics
Stephanie Zabinski
Stephanie Zabinski M.S. - Medical Physicist
WILLIAM WEAVER M.S. DABR - Senior Medical Physicist, Regional Director of Physics
Zachary Pearson
Zachary Pearson M.S. - Medical Physicist
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