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Commissioning Services Custom proprietary software that utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation.
QUADRANT QA Solutions A cloud-based software platform utilizing a single database for all machine and TPS quality assurance.
Medical Physics Services The latest methodologies to better serve all your needs.
Medical Dosimetry Services Clinical experience you can trust.
About Alyzen
Our Difference The qualities that best describe our team - Integrated, Integrity, and Inventive - also describe how we help the success of your medical facility.
Our Team Meet the people that make the Alyzen team great.

About Us

"Alyzen’s staff is very professional and provides a high level of service. In addition, they are able to provide excellent coverage for vacations. This arrangement is great for a small clinic that only requires one physicist and dosimetrist. I cannot say enough good things about them." DR. KEN GARDNER, MERCY HEALTHCARE

The Alyzen Difference

The core values of our team - integration, integrity, and innovation - also describe how we help the success of your medical facility.

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Our commitment to full INTEGRATION within your department helps improve all areas of your operations, from patient treatment to the implementation of new programs and technology.


INTEGRITY is a value upheld by our team and, because of it, we can build a relationship with you based on trust. It's why we're resolute to provide quality work on time while exceeding industry standards.

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We are continually pursuing INNOVATION with ways to bring treatment services and methodologies to patients, regardless of the size and location of a treatment center. We're prepared to adapt to the dynamic nature of the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Our Mission

To remain a progressive clinic based company dedicated to the cause of developing solutions to make treating cancer safer, more efficient, and more cost effective.

The Alyzen Advantage

    Save Time
  • Fewer communication issues and proper scheduling and coverage that are based on your timetables
  • Continuous updates before, during, and after the commissioning process
  • In-depth knowledge of nearly all manufacturers and models
    • Do the Job Right
  • More than 25 years of experience in the industry
  • Extensive knowledge in all areas of radiation oncology and clinical operations
  • Commission approximately 24 new machines per year
    • Reduce Overhead
  • Flexible support and services for changing workloads
  • Customized to your patient volume so that you only pay for what you need
  • Easier treatment access, regardless of location, size, or complexity of the facility operations
  • Our Approach

    Our unique and effective support system covers five crucial steps to improve your success.

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    Evaluation of Needs

    We communicate with your team to understand the needs of your clinic and of your patients. We make sure that every solution we offer is tailored to you.

    Evaluation of Needs

    Establishment of Goals & Schedule

    We create a plan of action to ensure that no crucial step is missed. We review that plan with you, revise as needed, and lay out a timeframe for getting the job done.

    Establishment of Goals & Schedule

    Execution of Work

    To put it simply: we do the work that we said we would. We follow through on the plan, and every step, we maintain communication with your team so that you always know what to expect.

    Execution of Work

    Education of Internal Staff

    We provide training for your team. We help answer questions and troubleshoot any concerns that might come up.

    Education of Internal Staff

    Evaluation of Success

    We end where we began: we review the plan to see how well did we communicate, were all of your challenges solved, and do you feel confident in the service provided.

    Evaluation of Success

    Residency Program

    We are proud to partner with the University of Kentucky to offer an exclusive Medical Physics residency program. During our two-year program, our residents are intimately involved in at least three distinct clinics, and are exposed to several others. This increases their familiarity with equipment and techniques and gives them real-world experience in adapting to variable situations and environments. Please contact us to learn more about our program and if you are eligible.

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