Radiation Oncology

Alyzen is not only dedicated to performing linear accelerator commissioning. Our staff has a large amount of clinical experience, so you can rest assured that operations will run smoothly as we guide the quality assurance standards and methodologies. 


Your Advantages


  • Have a resource pool of knowledge of all treatment modalities, regulatory requirements, and safety standards
  • Experience with nearly all treatment technologies
  • A partner dedicated to patient outcomes and the center's success
  • Uninterrupted coverage during vacations, training, sick days, and turnover
  • Manage budget and cost with flexible coverage by scaling support with patient loads
  • Standardized quality control across the Alyzen network to provide efficiencies at the clinical level




  • Scale effectively because we reduce or control overhead cost due to fluctuating patient loads
  • Guaranteed coverage eliminates the cost of hiring locum support during PTO, sick days, and scheduled training
  • Tailor your dosimetry coverage from anywhere between five days on-site to remote planning
  • Our professionals are experienced in charge capture with most EMR systems to support your revenue goals