The New Standard for
Commissioning has arrived

How? With The Alyzen Difference:

  • Full data collection, no shortcuts
  • 3-Tier validation of the entire data set with AQUIRE (every curve, every point)
  • Our absolute dose evaluation is based on over 100,000 points vs. a traditional handful
  • Results in days vs. weeks
  • Provide complete flexibility around machine installation schedule
  • Go above & beyond TG-106 standards

The Bottom line?

A fully authenticated, exhaustive solution provided in the shortest timeframe on the market creates the best value for your clinic.

Alyzen Offers Exclusive 3-Tier Validation with AQUIRE

3 Tier Validation Benchmarks

We Benchmark Your Linac Against:

1Our Alyzen database

2vendor’s reference data set

3TPS to Linac

Our custom proprietary software, AQUIRE, utilizes full data set collection and sets the new standard for model validation. By extracting dose directly from the TPS and comparing it to the measured data, AQUIRE streamlines the process of commissioning.

Client Testimonial


Alyzen’s technical knowledge and communication are outstanding. A comprehensive outline detailing the measurements, equipment, post processing, treatment planning system modeling process, and timeline of events were all provided. Alyzen willingly complied with our requests well in advance of the actual project taking place and gladly obliged to our scheduling setbacks.

- Lindsey Patton, MS, DABR
Cancer Care Centers of South Texas

Above & beyond
is the alyzen norm.

The Alyzen Customer Guarantee

  • Cost-effective, value driven solutions
  • Fastest, most comprehensive results in the industry – days vs. weeks
  • Full data set regardless of package
  • Reduced stress & maximized revenue
  • Flexibility in scheduling
  • Meet & exceed the industry TG-106 standards
  • Digital copy of all measured data in TPS format, import ready
  • Full review of report & walk-through at end of project
  • Follow-up communication

Our Standard Data Includes:

  • 300+ curves measured
  • 400+ scatter measurements performed
  • This is the standard for every commissioning project
About our team

About the Alyzen Team

  • 20+ years of experience
  • Commissioning performed by Board Certified Physicist
  • Communicate clearly at every stage of the project
  • Utilize the latest technology
  • Provide the experience and insight necessary for greater efficiency and results

Our Services

  • Shielding Design & Surveys
  • Acceptance Testing
  • TG-51 Absolute Dose Calibration
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Radio Surgery & SBRT
  • SRS End-to-End
  • Vision RT / RPM / Motion Management Configuration & Validation
  • OBI, CBCT & Portal Dosimetry
  • EDW, IMRT, RapidArc, VMAT
  • TPS Commissioning
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Important question to ask.
be informed.

1Why does a full data set matter?

2How will I know my TPS matches my Linac at end of process?

3How can you use a preconfigured model and still be TG-106 compliant?