Danny Bell Cancer Center

Services Provided: Commissioning and Dosimetry Services

The Challenge

Danny Bell Cancer Center was equipped with an older treatment machine with limited treatment capabilities. The treatment planning system as well as the EMR was installed over 18 years ago. In the midst of deciding on purchasing a new treatment machine, there became an urgent need for a new dosimetrist.

When we had an immediate need for a dosimetrist, Alyzen Medical Physics immediately provided us with an experienced technician to perform treatment planning and ensure our patients’ continuity of care. Any potential gaps in coverage were handled swiftly and efficiently to our satisfaction.

-Mary E. Lawson, R.T.(T), Manager

The Solution

Alyzen immediately placed an experienced dosimetrist in the treatment center to pick up the work and ensure the patients continue to receive their treatments. Alyzen interviewed and brought candidates into the facility to meet the staff, and in a very short time period hired the right person to work with them. Danny Bell extended its contract with Alyzen to not only provide the physics coverage but also the dosimetry. We provided the resources of a team (physicist and dosimetrist) to ensure that patients get the valuable treatment they need.



The Alyzen Commissioning Team was able to complete the following in 4 days:

  • Acceptance Testing
  • Radiation Shielding Survey
  • Data Collection
  • Treatment Planning System Modeling (AAA, eMC, PDIP, PRO, DVO, PGO)
  • End-to-End Validation using the AQUIRE Software Platform
  • IMRT and RapidArc Validation
  • Absolute Calibration via TG-51
  • Databooks

• New Machine Purchase
Physicists and dosimetrists from Alyzen assisted in the decision making process and review of the quotes for the TrueBeam.

• Configuration of EMR (ARIA)
In addition to the setup done during commissioning, the Alyzen team:

- Create Care Paths to manage clinical workflow
- Configured User Rights and Agendas for all staff
- Recurring QA patients created to facilitate morning checks on the machine


• Treatment Planning System Configuration     (Eclipse) 
- Created DICOM Import/Export filters
- Led the physics end of training for ARIA

• RadCalc Setup
- Configured RadCalc via importation of measured beam data and properties of the machine
- Validated open fields for correct output, and sample IMRT plans for accuracy
-Created network shares for import/export from Eclipse

• Networking and IT
- Assisted in creating connectivity between the PACS network and the Varian servers
- Worked with IT to ensure connectivity of the calculation servers
- Established remote desktop connectivity
- Mapped drives for connectivity to TrueBeam

• Ongoing Quality Assurance
- Established test plans from morning QA
- Developed IGRT QA processes for the therapists to perform daily

The Results

  • Temporary coverage to ensure existing patients are getting the best treatment possible without any loss in the treatment course
  • Provided coverage to ensure new patients will start their treatment on time
  • No loss of patients or transfer to other areas for treatment
  • No loss in revenue