Hembree Mercy Cancer Center

Services Provided: Commissioning Services

The Challenge

Hembree Mercy Cancer Center is equipped with a 2100C with limited treatment capabilities and a Varian 21EX with the BrainLab imaging system. The treatment planning system as well as the EMR were installed over 10 years ago. In order to provide patients with the latest treatment technology, Hembree decided to
replace the Varian 2100C with a Varian TrueBeam STX. In addition, the treatment planning system was replaced with a Varian Eclipse system including all of the new planning algorithms. Besides the learning curve of a new system, both current and new patients had to be migrated to the planning system and new EMR. In addition, a new HDR system and program is being developed. From the start of construction to delivery of all the new equipment, there was a tight time frame of three months. What this meant was that both machines had to be commissioned for the New Eclipse system and the EMR had to be implemented for clinical treatment. 


The Solution

Alyzen's clinical staff performed the following in a period of two weeks:

  • Radiation shielding design
  • State license submission 
  • Radiation survey 
  • Commissioning of the TrueBeam including the SRS 
  • Modeling both machines 
  • Complete databooks

 Alyzen's clinical staff assisted with:
• New Machine Purchase
Worked with administration and vendor to purchase appropriate equipment
- Acceptance testing of new machine

• Configuration of EMR
- Set up patient documents
- Created new activities with associated charges to capture with completion of activities
- Configured staff user rights
- Created care paths for better workflow in the clinic
- Setup tolerance tables

• Configuraton of Eclipse (This is extra work that was not done during the commissioning process)
- Set up segmentation, plan, and optimization templates for more efficient treatment planning
- Scanned CT electron density phantom and set up a CT density curve for accurate inhomogeneity calculations
- Scanned IMRT QA device (both MultiCube and Matrixx) for IMRT verification
- Set up import/export configuration for transferring DICOM plans and importing CT scans

• Rad Calc
- Imported data and configured Rad Calc for the TrueBeam
- Double checked data at multiple depths and all energies

• IT
- Worked with IT to create a transition plan for the switch over from MOSAIQ/Pinnacle to ARIA/Eclipse

- Provided IT with a list of devices that would need to be re-networked to function with Eclipse
         · BrainLab/Exactrac
         · RadCalc
         · Phillips Brilliance Big Bore (LAP Laser import as well)
         · Ultravisual (Mercy PACS system)
         · HDR computer
- Planned a transition for the Varian 21EX system

• Miscellaneous
- Set up BeamChecker Plus daily QA software and configured device for Bluetooth
- Worked directly with contractors to set up new linear accelerator room

• HDR Implementation

The Results

Hembree was at full clinical operations on time and under budget. Based on national standards and not specific to Hembree’s treatment mix, lost revenue due to delays could be upwards of $65,000 per week.