The "I" qualities that describe our team - Integrated, Integrity, and Inventive - also describe how we help the success of your facility.

Our commitment of being fully INTEGRATED within your department helps improve all areas of your operations, from patient treatment to the implementation of new programs and technology. 
INTEGRITY is a value upheld by our team and, because of it, we can build a relationship with you based on trust.
We are continually INVENTIVE with ways to bring treatment services and methodologies to patients, regardless of the size & location of a treatment center. We're prepared to adapt to the dynamic nature of the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, and nuclear medicine.

Our differences are your benefits.

  • Save time and experience fewer issues due to professional communication maintained with
    proper scheduling & coverage according to the user's timetable. We also provide continuous
    updates before, during, and after the commissioning process.
  • Because we have more than 19 years of experience in the industry, your physicians and clinic staff can trust us to do the job right. Our specialists have extensive knowledge in all areas of radiation, oncology, and clinical operations.
  • Experience reduced overhead with our support of both increasing and decreasing workload. We are flexible to your patient volume, meaning you only pay for what you need, allowing the clinic to maximize efficiency.
  • Save time recruiting someone with the needed expertise of a particular type of technology;
    we have in-depth knowledge of nearly all manufacturers and models. We commission approximately 24 new machines per year.
  • While your patients are able to receive easier treatment access, your clinic continues to grow.
    Regardless of location, size, or complexity of the treatment facility operations, Alyzen has the expertise and capabilities to support any cancer treatment program.